Women’s Work

Regular mindfulness and mind, body soul care workshops have been created for women to come together and learn from as well as support one another.

Women in difficult situations are trying to cope with stressful situations.

G 11 is committed to ensuring that all women find the strength To come together and share their experiences in order to empower and strengthen one another.
The recent workshop  had some very Very positive feedback as women were given the opportunity to learn about not only their faith and belief but also realise their  fitness levels. Strategies were given for them to improve their health, nutrition and create doable targets.

Powerful women

Claire Williams and Sejal Flora Preparing to set up their own business Nov 2018

Preparing young minds in self confidence, mindfulness and womanhood at camp in Newcastle.August 2017.

Woman of joining together at the All Faiths Network during interfaith week
at the church of Scientology providing a space for others to help them deal with trauma in their lives.Nov 2018

Young Women learning together about sanitation and nutrition in PGI chandigarh, Panjab, India. Jan 2018.

Women standing together at the Parliament world religions raising our voice against violence, suppression and cast apartheid in Toronto. Nov 2018.

International Sikh Women’s group collaborating and networking on inspirational and ground breaking work. Toronto, Nov 2018.