The wisdom Project

This project is designed to provide Intrinsic & Extrinsic motivational workshops for young people in community and government schools.

Children in schools who can be on the verge of physical traumas or obesity  which seems to be a rising problem in schools in the UK need support and often there is not enough through the system. Students are also having increasing amount of mental pressure and issues due to the sudden high increase of technology in their life, be it social media or video games. Schools will offer refer to CAMS and other such groups but these agencies can work on individual needs and are not easily accessible but many young people by pass the system because their symptoms are not as severe as others. They may also be having a temporary stressful situation at home that is causing them to fall behind with school work or making them loose motivation. This project offers them a six-week course that allows for empowerment and leadership development giving them to build their courage and face their fears as well as engaging them with selfless service.

Some of the techniques used by the facilitators are as follows:

  • Sacred Chanting & poetry
  • Music: Sensory equipment Instruments
  • Physical and therapeutic movement (Gatka, yoga, dance movement)
  • Mindfulness & Meditation (SImran, Kirtan, breathing techniques)
  • Reminiscence & Storytelling (Sakhiyeea, Gurithyaas)
  • Nutrition & healthy lifestyle