Children’s Gurdwara Project

This project empowers the youth as well as parents to come together and spend some time working closely to achieve a better understanding of themselves and one anothers needs. In this project the youth are given a leadership role, they are supported to manage a service as well as a congregation on a stage. They work closely as a team to cordinate the service, manage the audio visual technology and chanting and musicianes. They are also givent the opportunity to  become involved in preparing and serving organic and healthy food to all the guests.

The event offers the opportunity to develop themselves further in wisdom and creativity. They engage in  mindfulness, yoga, music, crafts,  and ancient martial arts traditions. This is done through guest lecturers and professional speakers, all trained and leaders  in their field. Teenage youth workers have now been trained to support the younger attendees. They take responsability to prepare the day and are invovled in the coordination before hand from booking the venue,  creating the activities to closing the event and clearing the space.

Foster careers are especially invited to  attend these events and are  guided through the process in order to give the children they are caring for the full experience of a Sikh Gurdwara which is a supportive and nurturing environment for carer as well as the child. There is then the opportunity to mingle socially, friendships have developed and a selfevolved support group for parents has been created to assist in parenting issues and networking support.

 Certificate to Shann Singh for his first attempt to address the congregation in Katha on the essence of sangat and the power and history of the Harimandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) in Amritsar Panjab. (Certificate for shaan Singh ji